At Yokohama by James Henry Butt

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At Yokohama
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At Yokohama
James Henry Butt
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© National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London


It shows a street scene of wooden houses amid spindly trees, above which the cone of Mount Fuji is visible to the west. The artist has placed himself in the middle of the road, with wheel ruts converging away from him and under a symbolic torii gate: this may suggest the large building rear left is a temple. A fish seller carrying his wares in layered baskets slung on a shoulder-pole has stopped in the left foreground, where a man with a long pigtail and in blue official uniform (possibly Chinese rather than Japanese) has stopped to inspect his wares or buy from him. A woman and small boy advance on the right beside a house with blue and white lanterns hanging under the eaves. PAJ2059 and PAJ2089 are also of Yokohama, which was the port that Butt's ship 'Sylvia' used as its Japanese base of operations.
Lt. James Henry Butt

Original size: 123 mm x 175 mm

The Artist: James Henry Butt

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