Astrolabe: rete by Adrian Descroli

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Astrolabe: rete
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Astrolabe: rete
Adrian Descroli
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This is a typical astrolabe of the Louvain School and it closely follows the examples of Gualterus Arsenius (circa 1530-80), who was the most prestigious proponent of that School in the third quarter of the 16th century. It was probably manufactured by Adrian Descrolieres who seems to have been a pupil of Arsenius. This attribution is made on stylistic grounds, based on the form of his engraving, which he modelled after Arsenius, though without ever reaching the same degree of refinement. Inscriptions on some of DescroliÔòá┬�res's instruments allow us to determine that he was in Northern Italy between 1571-79 and it is possible that he made this astrolabe whilst there. To date, nine astrolabes by DescroliÔòá┬�res have been recorded, three of which - including this one - are without signatures.
Adrian Descroli

The Artist: Adrian Descroli

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