Armillary sphere by Gualterus Arsenius

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Armillary sphere
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Armillary sphere
Gualterus Arsenius
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© National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London


The primary sphere consists of eight brass rings. In the centre there is a small terrestrial globe, mounted on the ecliptic axis so that its North and South equatorial poles point in the direction of the North and South equatorial poles of the armillary sphere. The terrestrial globe shows the outlines of the continents, which are labelled. America is separate from Asia, and Spain, 'Hispa', is the only country labelled in 'EVROPA'. For further information about the cartography and construction of this armillary sphere please refer to the related publication, Globes at Greenwich.
Gualterus Arsenius

The Artist: Gualterus Arsenius

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