The last of BlÔòá_cher by William Lionel Wyllie

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The last of BlÔòá_cher
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The last of BlÔòá_cher
William Lionel Wyllie
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© National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London


Wyllie's watercolour shows the sinking of the German battle-cruiser 'BlÔòá_cher' at the Battle of Dogger Bank, 23 January 1915. It was used as a colour reproduction with the title as given here in 'Sea Fights of the Great War' (1918), the book which Wyllie wrote with MF Wren, and for which Wyllie provided drawings and watercolours for the 24 colour and 26 black and white illustrations.
William Lionel Wyllie

Original size: Sheet: 267 x 426 mm

The Artist: William Lionel Wyllie

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