Adventures of Johnny Newcome by William Elmes

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Adventures of Johnny Newcome
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Adventures of Johnny Newcome
William Elmes
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© National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London, Michael Graham-Stewart Slavery Collection. Acquired with the assistance of the Heritage Lottery Fund


Set of six images detailing the 'Adventures of Johnny Newcome'. The captions are as follows (starting top left): (1) 'Johnny's reception by merry Tonkanes at Negro Ball.' (2) 'Johnny dancing with Rosa - the Planter's beautiful daughter.' (3) 'Johnny's Courtship and professions of love to Rosa.' (4) 'Johnny and the fair Rosa tripping to the Altar of Hymen.' (5) 'Nuptial ceremony of Johnny and the charming Rosa.' (6) 'Johnny and his fair Bride reveling [sic] in jollity and festive mirth.' The six images in this print are a satirical comment on the life and experiences of a European planter, 'Johnny Newcombe', in the Caribbean. The members of this class became notorious back in Britain for heavy eating, alcohol consumption and sexual promiscuity. The images depict Johnny's life of ease and luxury in the midst of enslavement as he woos the daughter of a fellow planter.
William Elmes

The Artist: William Elmes

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