Dutch craft ashore by Willem Van de Velde the Younger

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Dutch craft ashore
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Dutch craft ashore
Willem Van de Velde the Younger
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A panel painting showing a smalschip and other vessels close to the shore. In the foreground to the left of this calm scene a smalschip is just aground near a sandbank. A weyschuit is lying alongside her. The smalschip appears to be unloading her cargo. Immediately behind her is a kaag with a white sprit sail and foresail. In the right foreground at the water's edge a woman stands looking out towards the boats, a man is bending over a basket and another woman is seated on some stumps, all three have their backs to the viewer. In the right background a ship under sail is firing a gun in salute and to the left is another smalschip under sail.
Willem van de Velde, the Younger

The Artist: Willem Van de Velde the Younger

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