Creamware jug by unknown

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Creamware jug
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23.0 x 23.1 cm
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Creamware jug
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© National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London, Sutcliffe-Smith Collection


Creamware jug transfer-printed in sepia, inscribed 'Success To The Volunteers' within fruiting vines. On the other side a caricature of Napoleon standing on a map of Europe and John Bull offshore pointing to the British Isles inscribed 'THE GOVERNOR OF EUROPE Stoped (sic) in HIS CAREER'. Napoleon's caption: 'Ah you dam John Bull/You have spoil my Dance/You have ruin all my Party'. John Bull 'I ax pardon Master Boney but as we says Pa... of Pompey/we keep this little spot to ourselves/You must not Dance here Master Boney'. Inscribed on the map: 'Germany, Holland, Switzerland, France, Italy, British Channel, Great Britain, Ireland'.

The Artist: unknown

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