Fishing boats in a choppy sea by Cornelisz Leonardsz Stooter

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Fishing boats in a choppy sea
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Fishing boats in a choppy sea
Cornelisz Leonardsz Stooter
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© National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London


A variety of shipping is shown on a rough sea. In the centre a fishing boat, or herring buss used for catching herring, moves through the waves. In the foreground to the right, a coastal craft, probably a river barge, is shown with its leeboard visible. There is a larger vessel in the distance on the left, which is either a merchantman or a man-of-war. Two thirds of the painting consists of sky, and the inclusion of dark clouds suggests the ships have been caught in a sudden squall.
Cornelisz Leonardsz Stooter

The Artist: Cornelisz Leonardsz Stooter

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