Chinese False Colours Flag by unknown

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Chinese False Colours Flag
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Chinese False Colours Flag
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A flag captured from a Chinese pirate steam launch by Lieutenant J.A.H. Hunter of HMS 'Nessus' during 1926 in the Canton Region. It consists of two flags on same hoist. The smaller upper one shows the Kuomintang white sun in a blue sky design. The lower flag has the Chinese characters 'YUE JUN DIYI SHI SHIZHANG' (Flag of the Divisional Commander of the First Division of the Army of Guangdong) and the large single character 'Li' (the surname of Li Jishen, commander in chief of the Guangdong Army). The characters are resist dyed, showing white on a blue background and the flags are machine sewn with the hoist on the right. As the design is a version of an official Chinese government flag, it is presumably false colours.

Original size: 1194 mm x 1067 mm

The Artist: unknown

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