'Cutty Sark' (1869) by Thomas Rosenkvist

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'Cutty Sark' (1869)
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'Cutty Sark' (1869)
Thomas Rosenkvist
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Scale: About 1:84. A model of the 'Cutty Sark' (1869) made in wood with metal and organic material fittings and painted. The hull is painted brick red below the waterline, and black above with a gold stripe running the entire length of the hull at approximately main deck level. The model is three-masted, ship rigged, and all sails set including four jib sails and sails set on the mizzen gaff. The lowerfore, main and mizzen masts, together with their lower yards, are painted white, all other masts and yards, are stained and varnished wood, some with white tops or tips. The yards are invariably over-scaled. The sails are individually made up and sewn, many with cringles. The bowsprit and dolphin-striker are white with a stained and varnished jib-boom. The figurehead is shown with decoratively painted trail boards. The forecastle fittings include a pair of stowed anchors. Mani deck fittings include two deckhouses with flat green roofs, three cargo hatches, four white-hulled lifeboats, two stowed on the forward deckhouse roof, the others on an awning fram aft. The poop accommodates the officers' deckhouse with a green roof and skylight. On port and starboard bows 'Cutty Sark', on stern 'Cutty Sark London'.

The 'Cutty Sark' was designed by Hercules Linton and built by Scott and Linton at Dumbarton but was later rigged and finished for sea by Denny Brothers of Greenock in 1869. Measuring 212 feet in length by 36 feet in the beam and a tonnage of 963 gross, it was composite built, that is, wooden planks on iron frames.
Thomas Rosenkvist

The Artist: Thomas Rosenkvist

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