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Terrestrial table globe. Geographical details on the sphere show California drawn as an island. The Dutch discoveries of Australia up to 1644 are shown, with names of capes in Dutch. The explorations of Dampier are not recorded. No hypothetical southern continent is drawn but the area is labelled 'AUSTRALIA INCOGNITA'. There are some nicely drawn ships in the oceans for decoration, with a scene of a shipwreck in the Indian Ocean. A total of nine oceans are named.

According to the text in the cartouche, this globe was made for a location at a latitude from Tenerife, probably a monastery in Vienna. The map is in the Dutch tradition exemplified by the world map of Joan Blaeu (1648) and Frederick de Wit (1660), although the globe is a very unusual design, inspired by the art of dialling. The analemma, as included here, becomes common on globes only in the late 18th century.

The Artist: unknown

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