'Titanic' (1912) by unknown

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'Titanic' (1912)
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'Titanic' (1912)
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© National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London, Lord-MacQuitty Collection


Scale: Unknown. A model of RMS 'Titanic' depicted about to sink, its stern high out of the water, made in wood, plaster and a variety of other materials, and painted in realistic colours. The ship is depicted launching the last of her lifeboats and with a second lifeboat in the water. The model is unfinished on the starboard side and is intended to be viewed from the port side. The sea is realistically modelled in plaster and painted and the backdrop on three sides of the model is painted sky blue with an iceberg on the right-hand side. The 'Titanic''s hull is painted brick red below the waterline, black above and the bulwarks and superstructure are white. The rearmost three funnels are shown and painted buff yellow with black tops. The mainmast is flying the White Star Line's house flag and there is a red ensign flying from the stern. There is a three-bladed propeller on the port side (propeller missing on starboard side) and a four-bladed propeller in the centre. A large number of brightly-painted passengers are depicted on deck and in the launched lifeboat. Deck fittings include several buff-coloured ventilators and two crane davits on the poop deck. On stern 'Titanic'.

This model was used in promotion of the 1958 film 'A Night to Remember'.

Original size: 508 mm x 863 mm x 508 mm

The Artist: unknown

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