Escapement model by Thomas Earnshaw by Thomas Earnshaw

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Escapement model by Thomas Earnshaw
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Escapement model by Thomas Earnshaw
Thomas Earnshaw
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In order to satisfy themselves as to the actual function of the spring detent escapement for marine timekeepers, in March 1804 the Board of Longitude ordered rival Thomas Earnshaw and John Roger Arnold each to make a scale model of their inventions. The cost of producing these models was to be met by the Board. Considering it is only roughly made, mostly from pieces of scrap metal, Earnshaw charged a high price of Õú53 10s. for his work, more than five times that charged by Arnold. Ultimately both parties were awarded Õú3000 for their work in advancing the technology of timekeepers for use at sea. The debate as to who did, in fact, invent the disputed escapement still continues today.
Thomas Earnshaw

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