Barracudas bombing the 'Tirpitz', 3 April 1944 by Norman Wilkinson

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Barracudas bombing the 'Tirpitz', 3 April 1944
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Barracudas bombing the 'Tirpitz', 3 April 1944
Norman Wilkinson
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© Norman Wilkinson Estate from collection at National Maritime Museum, Greenwich


Following the damage caused by British midget submarines in September 1943, the Admiralty decided that further attacks should be made on the German battleship 'Tirpitz'. This was to ensure that it could not threaten the northern convoys of the Allied forces. Under the code name 'Tungsten', 21 Barracuda bombers, part of the Fleet Air Arm, and 40 fighter planes were launched to attack the 'Tirpitz' which was stationed in Altenfjord, Norway. When Russian convoy JW58 sailed, it was accompanied by the fleet carriers 'Victorious' and 'Furious', each carrying the Barracudas together with the escort carriers 'Emperor', 'Searcher' and 'Pursuer', carrying Hellcat and Wildcat fighters.
Norman Wilkinson

The Artist: Norman Wilkinson

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