Woodes Rogers and his family by William Hogarth

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Woodes Rogers and his family
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Woodes Rogers and his family
William Hogarth
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An early conversation piece by Hogarth showing the family of Woodes Rogers (circa 1679-1732), a famous Bristol seaman and later Governor of the Bahamas. Rogers is seated to the right facing left, wearing a jacket, breeches and a cloak draped over his right knee. He wears a full wig, buckled shoes and holds a pair of dividers in his right hand to signify his maritime associations. On his right stands a young man, probably his son, William, who holds a map of (New) Providence Island, in the Bahamas (the site of Nassau, the capital). On the left is a girl thought to be Rogers' daughter, Sarah, holding a book on her knee. The group is framed by trees on the right and a fortification wall on the left bearing a cartouche inscribed 'Dum Spiro, Spero, 1729' ('While I live, I hope').
William Hogarth

The Artist: William Hogarth

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