Pair of shotguns taken on the Franklin expedition, 1845-47 by unknown

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Pair of shotguns taken on the Franklin expedition...
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Pair of shotguns taken on the Franklin expedition, 1845-47
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They have walnut stocks, the grips are chequered and the butt plates are made of steel. Broad steel trigger guards with pineapple-type finial. Two triggers - one long and sweeping, the other short and stubby. The locks are twin percussion locks with steel hammers and steel lockplates. The steel barrels are secured to the stocks by flat brass pins set in brass plates. Sir John Franklin with two ships, the 'Erebus' and 'Terror', set out in 1845 to the Arctic. It was his third expedition to discover the North-West Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific. All 134 officers and men perished in the attempt, most of them on King William Island in the Arctic Ocean. It was Captain McClintock's search expedition in 1859 that discovered their fate. The shotguns were found in a boat mounted on a sledge containing two skeletons and the remains of equipment and personal possessions on the west coast of King William Island. These relics were brought back to England by Captain McClintock.

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The Artist: unknown

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