Lady Jane Franklin (1792-1875) by Joseph Mathias Negelen

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Lady Jane Franklin (1792-1875)
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Lady Jane Franklin (1792-1875)
Joseph Mathias Negelen
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© National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London


Print, after a chalk drawing by Amelie Romilly, dated 1816: original in the National Portrait Gallery

This likeness was probably produced before Jane Griffin married John Franklin. As a young woman, Lady Franklin was virtually an explorer herself. She accompanied her father on many trips to Europe, and travelled around the Mediterranean while her new husband was at sea. In the 1850s, although deeply affected by news of her husband's death, Lady Franklin did not retire into mourning but continued her travels, venturing to Japan, Hawaii and India.

Object number: PAJ2655

Date: 19th century

Original size: 302 mm x 242 mm

The Artist: Joseph Mathias Negelen

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