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Orrery in the form of Renaissance Ptolemaic armillary sphere by Richard Glynne

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Orrery in the form of Renaissance Ptolemaic...
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Orrery in the form of Renaissance Ptolemaic armillary sphere
Richard Glynne
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© National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London


Planetarium/orrery with inscription. Brass armillary type planetarium showing the movements and positions of the planets up to Saturn around the Sun. The planetarium is supported by a base on four ornamented legs. The central plate supports the sun on pillars, with rings for Mercury and Venus, the Earth ans the Moon. The plate is geared so that it can be rotated to show the annual motion of the earth around the Sun. The diurnal motion of the Earth can also be shown. The central plate is mounted within a large armillary sphere which has rings for Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. The model of Jupiter is surrorunded by four satellites on fine rings. (Mars and Saturn are now missing) The central plate is engraved with tables showing the Sun's apparent motion in relation to the earth and giving information on the plates (ie diameters, mean distance from the Sun's centre, periods of annual and diurnal rotation and a calendar scale). Another plate is mounted in between the feet of the stand and is engraved with compass points and the maker's signature.
Richard Glynne

The Artist: Richard Glynne

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