Swiftsure (1971), Sovereign (1973), Superb (1974), Sceptre (1976), Spartan (1978), Splendid (1979) (Copy)

Swiftsure (1971), Sovereign (1973), Superb (1974), Sceptre (1976), Spartan (1978), Splendid (1979)...


x 454 mm

Scale 1:96. A dyeline copy of Sheet 4 of a book for building drawings of the nuclear attack Swiftsure class submarine. The drawing is related to the vessels Swiftsure (1971), Sovereign (1973), Superb (1974), Sceptre (1976), Spartan (1978) and Splendid (1979). It shows cross section drawings of the vessel at Frames 15, 26, 34, 45, 60, looking forward and Frames 70, 86 and 98 looking aft. There is discolouration along the fold lines of the plan.

Object N: NPE0226

Date: 9 May 1975

Size: Overall: 454 mm x 829 mm

  • Full-colour art print
  • Reproduced at the same size and scale of the original plan with no border.
  • Image reference: M2318

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